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Once we have an email address the next step to create a blog is as follows,there are three easy steps to create a blog from the blogger described in the following screenshot:

1st visit quickly or if you want to just click https: / / / start Views that will appear in the following screenshot:

2. Click CREATE A BLOG and will next appear as images screenshoot following

Columns in the fields that we fill in the circle with an email address, password, blog name, a verification letter and then check the box Term Of Service. The next step is to click Continue or Forwarding.
3. The next step is to provide the name and the name of the blog's URL, such as the blog: Can D0it ... and the name of the URL is: Screenshootnya you can see the following:

Click continue

4.After you click it will continue showing the form of options or blog template, adjust the blog content that you write. Screenshoot as follows:

Thus, you already have a blog is not very easy ...?
5.Next step last blog that still make this is simple is to create the text and then uploads the posting.

Blog we have certainly not make this beautiful and powerful not for the next step, I will teach you to do so.

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